Your balance goes from PayPhone to PayPhone at ZERO COST

It is the only App with which you can charge or pay with digital cash from your phone without the need for a bank account.

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Don't have a card? It
does not matter!
You can still charge.

And if you have Visa or Mastercard cards, register them and pay from your phone to whoever you want.
Even if you forgot the card at home.

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Simpler than a transfer, safer than cash.

Pay person to person. You can pay your friends, your family, your colleagues, whoever you want from your PayPhone, with your balance or credit or debit card.

Simpler than a transfer, safer than cash.

Send money to Ecuador at zero cost and instantly

No lines, no commissions. Sending money to your family and friends has never been so simple.

Send money to Ecuador at zero cost and instantly

Shopping with
Payphone is magic

Today there are more than 25,000 shops and chains. Ask to pay with Payphone. That's financial freedom.

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Pay without contact.
You choose how.

By QR, payment link or phone number, your payments are fast, secure and contactless.

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Basic services? Pay them with your balance or card

You charged with Payphone, use it to pay your basic, public and private services from wherever you want.

Coming soon to Ecuador.

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Getting paid has never
been so simple.

With our payment link receive your money immediately from anywhere. Yes, also from the outside!



Order your PayPhone Card

Use your PayPhone balance anywhere you would pay with a card. It does not matter if it is the cinema or your subscription to videos, movies or music online.

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Doubts are normal when there is something that changes your world. Ask what you want.

Hello, PayPhone is the payment method that allows you to make direct, immediate payments or collections without commissions to people or businesses with the money loaded on your smartphone or with your favorite credit or debit card.

With PayPhone you can receive or send payments instantly with all Visa and Mastercard, credit and debit cards, both nationally and internationally.